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Earning UC Credit

Think of course credit as more than just a number. Courses taken from another UC campus always provide unit credit. Your adviser or campus articulation officer can evaluate an individual course to ensure that your knowledge and skills upon completion of the course is comprehensive enough to satisfy a campus-specific requirement. This action is known as Articulation. Once a course has gone through the articulation process, it is generally considered as an ‘Articulation Agreement’ or an ‘Approval’ for a certain type of credit. Students who take courses outside of their home campus should consult a College or school adviser about Articulation Agreements to determine how the courses will transfer.


What is it?

When considering any UC course offered through UC Online, you will satisfy one of many possible requirements toward graduation. ALL courses taken through UC Online will provide unit credit toward graduation. After successfully completing a course, you may receive additional types of credit as articulated by your home campus. These articulations could potentially count toward the requirements to graduate within a particular field-of-study, major, concentration, etc.

Types of Course Credit

  1. General Education can most effectively be described as the basics of an undergraduate education.
  2. Pre-Major requirements can be considered a foundation which is required before you can declare a particular major.
  3. Major requirements must be satisfied within a specific field-of-study in order to receive that particular degree.
  4. Equivalency is considered a replacement for a specific course(s).