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Enrollment Process

Enrolling in a UC Online course is easy! Just follow these steps.

1. Review Course Prerequisites

Once you find a class you would like to take, review the course prerequisites on the course description page. Official transcripts or other evidence showing satisfactory completion of course prerequisites may be required.

2. Get Approval From Your Academic Adviser

Check with your Academic Adviser or home Registrar office prior to enrolling to make sure your desired course meets your degree requirements.

3. Register for a Class

To register for a class, click Enroll on the course description page via Find Courses and Enroll. Then, log in to the Cross-Campus Enrollment System (CCES) with your campus log-in credentials, proceed to profile information to complete the course registration. You may only enroll in one cross-campus course per term.

Check with the host campus Registrar’s Office about enrollment deadlines. If you would like to enroll in a course after the enrollment deadline, follow procedures for adding a course late.

Confirm enrollment deadlines with the host campus Registrar’s Office:

4. Verify Enrollment

After completing the enrollment form, your enrollment is provisional until your home campus Registrar’s Office confirms your eligibility. You will be notified by email once your campus determines whether you are eligible or ineligible to take the cross-campus course.


Top Five Enrollment FAQ’s

How do I request to drop a UC Online course?

Please follow our procedure for dropping a course.

What is the procedure for adding a course late?

Students must obtain approval from the course instructor and then use their campus email account to email UC Online Support requesting a late add. The email must include the course name, number and section, as well as documentation of approval from the course instructor. UC Online Support will confirm all approvals. Once approved, students will be notified by email confirming they have been added to the course.

Will dropping a UC Online course I'm taking at another campus affect my standing at my home campus?

This depends on how many total units you’re enrolled in for the term. If dropping the course would bring you below the required minimum units, it may affect your financial aid eligibility.

What are the deadlines for adding and dropping UC Online courses?

Students are required to follow the add/drop deadlines of the host campus (the UC campus offering the course). For add/drop and other important deadlines, please contact the host campus Registrar’s Office.

How will I know that I'm actually enrolled in a UC Online course?

After registering, you will receive an email indicating that you have provisionally registered for the course. Your home campus will then determine your eligibility, and you will receive another email confirming whether you are eligible to take the course. If your home campus denies your enrollment, you will be dropped from the course.