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Eligibility to Enroll

Cross-campus enrollment is available to current UC students who meet these requirements. Check with your home campus Registrar’s Office for any additional enrollment requirements particular to your campus.

General Eligibility Checklist

  1.  Are you currently a fully matriculated student at a UC campus?
  2.  Are you in good academic standing with your home campus Registrar’s Office?
  3.  Has your academic adviser confirmed that your desired class meets course credit requirements?
  4.  Are you enrolled in a minimum number of course units at your campus, per your home campus policy for enrolling in a course offered by another campus?

Campus-Specific Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements vary by campus. Check your home campus policies on “simultaneous enrollment,” as well as any other campus-specific requirements. If you have additional questions or do not find the answers that you need, please see your Academic Adviser.


Top Five Eligibility FAQ’s

Is there a limit to how many UC Online courses I can take per term?

Most campuses allow only one UC Online course per term. However, you may be able to add an additional course if your campus deems you are eligible. If you enroll in more than one UC Online course and your campus doesn't allow more than one, you will be required to drop the additional course(s). If you are uncertain about your home campus rules, check with your Registrar's office.

What are the eligibility requirements to take a UC Online course?

This varies from campus to campus. Check with your home campus Academic Adviser or Registrar’s Office to confirm eligibility. For more information about each campus' policies on cross-campus or simultaneous enrollment, please visit the Eligibility to Enroll page.

Will I need to provide proof that I meet the prerequisites of the course I want to take?

Prerequisite requirements are detailed on the course description page. Please check your unofficial transcript, audit, or speak with your Academic Adviser if you are unsure if you've met the requirements.

Policies say I have to be in “good academic standing” to enroll. What does this mean for me?

“Good academic standing” is a term used by campuses to define a student's academic status. For instance, a campus may require a "C+" average or above to qualify for enrollment in a course at another campus. Each campus defines “good academic standing” for its matriculated students. Check with your home campus Registrar’s Office for the requirements at your campus.

I am not a UC student. Can I enroll in a UC Online course?

No. Non-matriculated students may instead register for a course through the Concurrent Enrollment program at each campus. Please check with the Registrar’s Office at the host campus for more information.