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This website represents an integral component of the University of California’s (UC’s) Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI). The Cross-Campus Enrollment System was developed in accordance with the University’s ongoing commitment to providing UC students access to our world-class faculty and as part of a quality education. ILTI is a direct response to Governor Brown’s plan to increase access to high-demand, needed courses for UC undergraduates. ILTI helps UC undergraduates:

1) get the courses they need when they need them;

2) satisfy degree requirements, and;

3) graduate in a timely manner.

ILTI employs sound pedagogical strategies and knowledge of how students learn to create UC-quality undergraduate online courses and online modules for hybrid courses.

ILTI utilizes and moves beyond what UC campuses are already doing to use innovative learning technology in the undergraduate instructional program. ILTI’s strategic interconnected elements constitute a comprehensive, cohesive plan to enhance the educational opportunities and achievements of UC’s undergraduates.

To learn more, view the ILTI project statement (PDF) or visit the main Innovative Learning Technology Initiative site