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Student FAQs

Have questions about UC Online? Review our student FAQs and find answers fast. Or, contact UC Online Support. We’re here to help!

Course Credit, Grades, and Transcripts

Q: What if the course credit I want is not shown to me when I am looking at a course I would like to take?
A: Start by speaking to an Academic Adviser at your campus. Some courses might satisfy major, pre-major, or even GE requirements upon petition. It is best to work with your Academic Adviser and/or UC Online Support to ensure that you will receive the appropriate credit required for graduation.
Q: When should I work with my Academic Adviser regarding online course opportunities and my major/degree, GE credit needs?
A: If you have found a course that sounds interesting, and seems like it might satisfy a requirement specific to your field of study, now’s the time to talk with your Academic Adviser. Copy the link to the course and send it to your Academic Adviser, or print the Course Information Page, then bring that information to your Academic Adviser. S/he will evaluate the course syllabus and course description to ensure that the course provides the credit you need to graduate.
Q: Can I complete an undergraduate degree online?
A: UC campuses do not currently offer undergraduate degrees online. However, some campuses do offer online masters and certificate programs.
Q: What is the conversion between a semester unit and a quarter unit?
A: 1.5 quarter units = 1 semester unit
Q: How do I change the grade option for a UC Online course?
A:  Please check the deadlines at the host campus, and before the deadline, use your school email account to email UC Online Support with a request for a grade-option change. After the deadline, UC Online Support will contact both your home and the host campus registrars for approval.
Q: Will I get credit for repeating a course that I failed before?
A: Each campus defines its own regulations regarding repeating a course that has been failed for credit. Check with your home campus Registrar’s Office to see if you can get credit for repeating the course.
Q: How do I receive my transcripts?
A: The Host campus will automatically send an official transcript to the student's home campus upon completion of the course.
Q: How do I request an Incomplete Grade for my UC Online course?
A: Cross-campus students can elect to take an incomplete grade for UC Online courses. You must contact the host campus Registrar’s Office and follow their policy to request the change and complete the course.
Q: Will the course credits count towards graduation?
A: When considering any UC course offered through UC Online, you will satisfy one of many possible requirements toward graduation. ALL courses taken through our Cross-Campus Enrollment System (CCES) will provide unit credit toward graduation. After successfully completing a course, you may receive additional types of credit as articulated by your home campus. These articulations could potentially count toward the requirements to graduate within a particular field-of-study, major, concentration, etc.
Q: How many different kinds of course credits are there?
A: General Education can most effectively be described as the basics of an undergraduate education. You can read more about University Requirements here. Note that each campus has specific General Education requirements, so be sure to check with your home campus for that list of requirements. Pre-Major requirements can be considered a foundation which is required before you can declare a particular major. For example, Introductory Calculus can be considered a pre-major requirement for both a Math Major, and a Physics Major, but probably not for a Humanities Major. Major requirements must be satisfied within a specific field of study in order to receive that particular degree. Each campus can provide a list of Major requirements and courses that satisfy those requirements, but there might be an additional opportunity to satisfy a particular major requirement through the cross-campus enrollment system. Equivalency is considered a replacement for a specific course(s). This means that if the equivalent course at your home campus provides GE, Major, and/or Pre-Major credit, then you will receive that credit as if you had taken that course at your home campus. For example, as a UCLA student, if you were to successfully complete Math 19A hosted at UCSC, you would be taking a course Equivalent to Math 31A at UCLA, which also satisfies a Quantitative Reasoning GE, and possibly a Pre-Major requirement for a Mathematics Major.
Q: What do the different credit types mean to me?
A: We are providing as much GE, Pre-Major, Major, and Equivalency information as we can to help you find the courses you need at other UC campuses. You might find that there is a course in our inventory which is not offered at your campus - yet satisfies a GE, Pre-Major, or Major Requirement at your home campus. For example, if a UCSC student would like to take a History course from UC Riverside, HIST 75V: Introduction to Latin American History, they would receive units toward graduation as well as satisfying the Cross-Cultural Analysis (CC) GE Requirement at UCSC.
Q: How do I know a UC Online course will count toward my degree or other requirements?
A: Current course equivalencies are available on the course description page for each course. Students will receive UC unit credit toward graduation at their home campus (provided they pass the course). Contact your home Academic Adviser to determine if a course will fulfill general education, major or other requirements.
Q: How do I get course credit beyond units toward graduation?
A: If there is anything listed for your home campus in the Course Approvals section of the Course Information Page, we have confirmed the course credit agreement with your campus to ensure that you will receive the type of credit listed. If the course meets requirements at other campuses, but not yours, try speaking to an adviser about the petition process.

Cross-Campus Basics

Q: What is UC Online?
A: UC Online allows UC students to take online courses offered by other UC campuses — and earn UC credit (unit, GE, pre-major and/or major) upon successful completion of the course.
Q: Who are the instructors for UC Online courses?
A: UC Online courses are taught by expert and passionate UC instructors and faculty, from across the UC system, who have adapted their courses to be taught online.
Q: What courses does UC Online offer?
A: You can find descriptions of current courses via Find Courses and Enroll.
Q: How many weeks do classes last?
A: Course lengths vary from 5 to 16 weeks, depending on the course and the time of year it’s offered. Refer to the course description pages for specific course lengths.
Q: Will I have to visit the host campus at any time?
A: No, one of the benefits of our cross-campus courses is that they allow students to receive world-class instruction without having to go to the host UC campus. However, some courses may require students to take exams at a nearby proctoring center. For more information on specific course requirements, please visit the course description page.
Q: Where do I go to request accommodations for a UC Online course?
A: Please contact your instructor directly to request accommodations, such as extra time for exams or assistance with screen reading software or assistive devices. Instructor contact information is located on the course description page.
Q: When I take a course from another UC campus, do I use my campus learning system, or do I have to learn another system?
A: The course may be on a different learning system than your campus system.
Q: How will I access my UC Online course?
A: If your enrollment is approved, you will receive additional instructions via email on how to access your course. If the course is hosted on the host campus learning system, the campus will notify you with your campus credentials and how to activate them prior to the start of instruction. If you do not receive this information on how to log in to your course within 48 hours or before instruction starts, please contact your instructor.
Q: Do I need special software or hardware to take a UC Online course?
A: Review software and hardware requirements in your course syllabus PDF on the course description page. Most desktop and laptop computers—as well as tablets—have the necessary software and hardware. If you have questions, contact UC Online Support or your instructor.


Q: I am a graduate student. Can I enroll in a UC Online course?
A: Graduate students who wish to take an undergraduate online course should contact their home Registrar’s Office and/or Academic Adviser to establish their eligibility for taking the course and earning academic credit.
Q: Is there a limit to how many UC Online courses I can take per term?
A: Most campuses allow only one UC Online course per term. However, you may be able to add an additional course if your campus deems you are eligible. If you enroll in more than one UC Online course and your campus doesn't allow more than one, you will be required to drop the additional course(s). If you are uncertain about your home campus rules, check with your Registrar's office.
Q: What are the eligibility requirements to take a UC Online course?
A: This varies from campus to campus. Check with your home campus Academic Adviser or Registrar’s Office to confirm eligibility. For more information about each campus' policies on cross-campus or simultaneous enrollment, please visit the Eligibility to Enroll page.
Q: Will I need to provide proof that I meet the prerequisites of the course I want to take?
A: Prerequisite requirements are detailed on the course description page. Please check your unofficial transcript, audit, or speak with your Academic Adviser if you are unsure if you've met the requirements.
Q: I am not allowed to repeat a course at my home campus. Can I take the equivalent UC Online course from another UC campus?
A: Students who are not allowed to repeat a course at their home campus will not be allowed to repeat the course at another campus.
Q: Policies say I have to be in “good academic standing” to enroll. What does this mean for me?
A: “Good academic standing” is a term used by campuses to define a student's academic status. For instance, a campus may require a "C+" average or above to qualify for enrollment in a course at another campus. Each campus defines “good academic standing” for its matriculated students. Check with your home campus Registrar’s Office for the requirements at your campus.
Q: I am a student at a UC campus, but I am temporarily on leave. Can I enroll in a UC Online course?
A: The courses offered through UC Online are for currently matriculated UC students only. Students not currently enrolled at a UC campus can register for a course through the Concurrent Enrollment program at each campus.
Q: Are there any rules that may result in my being dropped from a UC Online course?
A: Each campus sets its own regulations regarding eligibility to take a course at another campus. Your registration in the course is provisional until your home campus confirms your eligibility. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you will be notified and dropped from the course. The host campus may also have prerequisites for the course you want to take. If you do not meet those prerequisites, you may be dropped from the course.
Q: I am not a UC student. Can I enroll in a UC Online course?
A: No. Non-matriculated students may instead register for a course through the Concurrent Enrollment program at each campus. Please check with the Registrar’s Office at the host campus for more information.


Q: I am a student on a campus with quarter-length terms and am interested in taking a semester-long course. Can I finish early? When will grades be available?
A: Courses have specific start and end dates, dictated by the host campus term (quarter or semester). Students are expected to complete the class at the end of the host campus term, at which time grades will be available. Requests for special consideration should be directed to the course instructor for approval.
Q: I am a senior. Will I be given priority over sophomores and juniors to enroll in courses from another campus?
A: Not at the present time; students register for UC Online courses on a first-come, first-served basis.
Q: Can I get on a waitlist if a course is full?
A: Yes, if a course is full, you will have the option to sign up on a waitlist. When spaces become available, you will automatically be added to the course according to your place on the list. You will receive an email confirming your enrollment in the course. If you no longer wish to be enrolled in the course, please follow the appropriate procedure to drop the course.
Q: How do I request to drop a UC Online course?
A: Please follow our procedure for dropping a course.
Q: What is the procedure for adding a course late?
A: Students must obtain approval from the course instructor and then use their campus email account to email UC Online Support requesting a late add. The email must include the course name, number and section, as well as documentation of approval from the course instructor. UC Online Support will confirm all approvals. Once approved, students will be notified by email confirming they have been added to the course.
Q: Will dropping a UC Online course I'm taking at another campus affect my standing at my home campus?
A: This depends on how many total units you’re enrolled in for the term. If dropping the course would bring you below the required minimum units, it may affect your financial aid eligibility.
Q: What are the deadlines for adding and dropping UC Online courses?
A: Students are required to follow the add/drop deadlines of the host campus (the UC campus offering the course). For add/drop and other important deadlines, please contact the host campus Registrar’s Office.
Q: How will I know that I'm actually enrolled in a UC Online course?
A: After registering, you will receive an email indicating that you have provisionally registered for the course. Your home campus will then determine your eligibility, and you will receive another email confirming whether you are eligible to take the course. If your home campus denies your enrollment, you will be dropped from the course.
Q: How do I take exams?
A: Some UC Online courses use online exam proctoring systems, others require that you take your exam in person at the campus or visit a proctoring center to take your exams, and some courses do not require any proctoring services. Review the proctoring requirements on the course description page so you’re ready for exam days. If exam information is not available, please review the syllabus or contact the course instructor.

Fees, Tuition and Financial Aid

Q: Are there additional fees for UC Online courses?
A: No, there are no additional fees for UC Online courses. However, students are still responsible for typical course fees such as for textbooks and other course materials. UC Online courses may also require exam proctoring, which may result in an additional fee, but this is not unique to UC Online courses.
Q: To which campus do I pay my tuition and fees?
A: The tuition-and-fee payments you make to your home campus during the regular academic year cover the cost of enrollment in courses across campuses. Any additional fees associated with the UC Online course will need to be paid to the host campus by the appropriate deadline.
Q: How is financial aid administered when I take a course from another campus?
A: Your home campus is responsible for financial aid and will process and administer awards.
Q: How will taking a course from another campus affect my financial aid eligibility?
A: Financial aid is available only through your home campus. At most campuses, enrolling in a course at another campus will count toward the minimum number of units you need for financial aid eligibility. (Be sure to account for any quarter-semester unit value equivalencies if you take a course from a campus with a different term schedule than your home campus.) If you drop a course taken at another campus and your unit load falls below the minimum for financial aid eligibility, you could lose your aid. Please check with your home campus for additional questions regarding financial aid.

Policies and Resources

Q: What code-of-conduct policies do I have to follow — those at my home campus or the host campus?
A: Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies at the host campus. However, violations may be adjudicated by the host campus, the home campus, or both.
Q: How will I access required library resources located at the host campus?
A: Students who take a course at another campus have access to the host campus library via interlibrary loan.
Q: Who do I contact if I’m having technical issues with a UC Online course?
A: Contact UC Online Support with any technical issues.
Q: Who do I contact for academic support and advising?
A: Please contact your home campus Academic Adviser for any academic-related questions.