Fees, Tuition and Financial Aid FAQ’s | UC Online

Fees, Tuition and Financial Aid FAQ’s

Are there additional fees for UC Online courses?
No, there are no additional fees for UC Online courses. However, students are still responsible for typical course fees such as for textbooks and other course materials. UC Online courses may also require exam proctoring, which may result in an additional fee, but this is not unique to UC Online courses.
To which campus do I pay my tuition and fees?
The tuition-and-fee payments you make to your home campus during the regular academic year cover the cost of enrollment in courses across campuses. Any additional fees associated with the UC Online course will need to be paid to the host campus by the appropriate deadline.
How is financial aid administered when I take a course from another campus?
Your home campus is responsible for financial aid and will process and administer awards.
How will taking a course from another campus affect my financial aid eligibility?
Financial aid is available only through your home campus. At most campuses, enrolling in a course at another campus will count toward the minimum number of units you need for financial aid eligibility. (Be sure to account for any quarter-semester unit value equivalencies if you take a course from a campus with a different term schedule than your home campus.) If you drop a course taken at another campus and your unit load falls below the minimum for financial aid eligibility, you could lose your aid. Please check with your home campus for additional questions regarding financial aid.